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Hi there, I’m Mike

I am excited that you are considering me to help guide your future coder.
You will see that my patient 2 year experience as a college instructor (plus 6 year of tutoring experience) will put you ahead of your peers who choose to self-study without guidance.
You will also find that my rates are very reasonable starting at $40/class hour.
Please drop me a message and let's chat.

Private teacher at home with his dog


Here is my short bio:

  • I have two and a half years in professional web development and programming work experience.

  • I have a one year experience as a remote helpdesk technician. 

  • But, as mentioned above, I have two years of experience as a college instructor of computer science.

  • I also tutored for 6 years. This is because I have a genuine love of helping students grow and learn. 

You will find that my tech career prep classes 4 all ages will help you on your way of studying coding.

  • If you decide to be a self-taught programmer, taking 4 or 5 of my courses will set you on your way to save yourself a lot of money vs. going to a boot camp or going to 4 year college. After taking my classes you can be confident that you will achieve success when you continue after my classes on your own.

  • Being a tutoring service, you are guaranteed a very small class size with individual attention vs. being lost in a large class with many students, possibly a lot more advanced than you are.

  • If you choose the route of traditional 4 year degree, you will be guaranteed excellent grades after you do well in my courses.  

  • You will have projects under your belt as a portfolio to show potential schools or employers.

My classes are either 20 hour "quickies" or 45 hour college level "fully immersives." Don't worry, I have tutored teens those college level materials, and believe me, they got it.


Starting at the very reasonable $40/class hour


Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science

Aug 1998 - May 2002

I created industrial caliber projects during internships

Master's Degree in Information Managment 

May 2017

Received it from a top-rated nationally- and internationally- renowned college. Received a grade of 997/1000 in capstone class. Had a two-semester local IT teaching internship.

Terms and conditions

  • All classes are online

  • I do not help students with homework from other schools, I use strictly use materials that I provide. 

  • "Quickies" (20 hour classes) do not need materials. On the other hand, college caliber "fully immersives" (45 hour classes) will need a book priced extra around $65, plus shipping (unless you're local), provided by me at the rate of the publisher. This is because there will be small quizzes and portfolio projects.

  • Rates, discounts and payments:

    • Plan A:​ $50/hour if you pay by the hour.

    • Plan B: $45/hour if you pay for a class in full in advance.

    • Plan C: $40/student/hour for two for more students if you pay for a class in full in advance.

    • Plan D: $0 for two sessions in exchange for a testimonial that I would put on this website.

  • Depending on our mutual schedule, classes can be anywhere from:

    • two to four 1.5 session hours per week (i.e. 3 to 6 hours per week) for teens and adults

    •  two to four 45 minute sessions per week for children (i.e. 1.5 to 3 hours per week).

    • There will be a 10 minute break during the 1.5 hour session in the middle.

  • Refunds:

    • If you pay for a full class in advance and are asking for a refund you will pay for the hours you have taken in the single hour rates and the rest will be refunded to you. For example if you took 6 hours out of a 20 hour quickie, you will pay 6 hours X $50 per hour (i.e. $300), and you will be refunded the rest (i.e. NOT ​6x$45). This applies if you use the are enrolled with a two-student "double trouble" discount as well, i.e. you will be charged 6x$50 not 6X$40. 

    • Books are not refundable, and you have to buy it through me. I won't make a cent extra from the books.

    • If one third of the course duration passes (whether you attend those sessions or are a no-show), you will not be offered any refunds, but you can an use extension (see below). 

  • Extensions and incompletes: Life happens; I understand.  So, you are allowed up to six months to finish the remaining weeks of the class. For example, if we agree on a 15-week class and 5 weeks pass, you have 6 months to finish the remaining course. 


  • English

  • نتكلم العربية

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